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Stocker Data Management:

Managing stocker calves is a difficult task. Which vaccine protocol works best on my farm? Which calves are making me the most money? Are calves performing as efficiently as they could? Is the origin of my calves affecting performance? Tracking performance information enables the manager to answer these questions and make future decisions based on farm specific evidence.

PBS has a stocker specific database created to track pertinent performance statistics and allow the ranch to benchmark vs. historical numbers and other operations in the region. This database was created by PBS specifically for providing desired information for stocker operators and has the ability to track statistics on an individual calf or pen basis. Information is entered into the system by simply sending hard copies of specific performance records to PBS and you will be provided with easy to read, valuable reports.

Private Consultations:

Collecting performance statistics is only half the battle toward herd improvement. Interpretation and application of knowledge gained is the next step toward capturing the value from these numbers. PBS realizes farms are different and recommendations need to be customized to match each individual's needs and targets. We offer herd visits and discussion of available herd performance data.

It is very time consuming to assimilate, interpret and integrate new information in a manner to help increase farm profitability, but this is one of the most important tasks of an effective beef manager. Professional Beef Services offers the tools busy producers need to make herd management more efficient. PBS has the following services to assist producers in this task:

Other Services :       

PBS also offers trial monitoring, quality assurance and quality control (PBS Research) for multi-site studies as well as document review.  

  • Trial monitoring

            - QA/QC for multi-site studies

            - Document review

  • Trial management
  • Production data management

Cow/Calf Data Management:

Cow / calf data management is available for producers who have never collected data and producers with years worth of EPD's and carcass data. PBS can help you optimize the information in your database or transfer it from your Red Book to our database. With the future implementation of regulations such as mandatory ID it will be more important than ever to keep accurate records. Our goal is to help you gain the data you need to make the best breeding and management decisions.

We provide total farm data management tailored to specifically meet your needs. Producers not currently gathering performance data will be provided with methods for data collection from birth to harvest. Data is collected and sent to PBS where it is entered into a database, archived, interpreted and integrated into your management. We can accept electronic transfer and provide you with benchmarking reports and interpretation of performance statistics if you already have computerized herd records. We provide reports and interpretation generated to provide answers that increase farm net return from the beef enterprise.   

Additional Services