Professional beef services,llc 

By having multiple locations, PBS is capable of isolation and segregating treatment groups and eliminating nose-to-nose contact and cross-contamination (PBS Research). 

• Wet lab:
    - Sample processing
    - In-house BVD testing lab

​      with same day results 

• On site offices

• Conference room

• Area to monitor file review

• Portable chute and corral system

• Capability to set up and hold up to 100 head

PBS headquarters is located in northeast Missouri with an onsite office, wet lab, research pens, and cattle backgrounding facility.  The headquarters is conveniently located only 3 hours from the Kansas City area and 2 hours from the St. Louis airport.

PBS Individual Calf Hutch Pens

  • ​Can maintain separation between pens

PBS Office Facility 

 Grass pasture:

  • (not quite two acres) is reserved for specialty sorting and temporary housing.   

Shelters/shades as well as automatic waterers are located in each pen. 

There is a processing facility on site that has weigh scales, a squeeze chute and sorting pens.

Large pens:

  •  7 in line bunk 70 head pens

Small Pens:

  • 10 x 10 head pens

PBS Research Pastures

PBS Research yard

~ 400 acres pasture :

•  Divides into 7-12 paddocks

• Rotational grazing

• Separate from starter yard

100 acres pasture:

• Divides into  33 paddocks

• Daily Rotational grazing or multiple groups 

PBS Portable facilities:

PBS Research Facilities