Large pens:

  •  7 in line bunk 70 head pens

Small Pens:

  • 10 x 10 head pens

• On site offices

• Conference room

• Area to monitor file review

• Portable chute and corral system

• Capability to set up and hold up to 100 head

PBS Office Facility 

By having multiple locations, PBS is capable of isolation and segregating treatment groups and eliminating nose-to-nose contact and cross-contamination (PBS Research). 

PBS Research Pastures

• Wet lab:
    - Sample processing
    - In-house BVD testing lab

​      with same day results 

PBS headquarters is located in northeast Missouri with an onsite office, wet lab, research pens, and cattle backgrounding facility.  The headquarters is conveniently located only 3 hours from the Kansas City area and 2 hours from the St. Louis airport.

  • ​Can maintain separation between pens

PBS Research yard

~ 400 acres pasture :

•  Divides into 7-12 paddocks

• Rotational grazing

• Separate from starter yard

100 acres pasture:

• Divides into  33 paddocks

• Daily Rotational grazing or multiple groups 

PBS Research Facilities

PBS Individual Calf Hutch Pens

Professional beef services,llc 

 Grass pasture:

  • (not quite two acres) is reserved for specialty sorting and temporary housing.   

Shelters/shades as well as automatic waterers are located in each pen. 

There is a processing facility on site that has weigh scales, a squeeze chute and sorting pens.

PBS Portable facilities: