• PBS performs custom research designed to fit client needs while being focused on maintaining both internal and external validity. 

• Good Clinical Practices (GCP) guidelines

  • Quality assurance is performed at a level suitable to each project
  • GCP level followed on each project

• PBS Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

​Additionally, PBS is able to use stocker cattle in our own functioning starter/research yard (PBS Facilities), our own cow/calf herd, as well as client cattle (PBS Cattle). This allows a wide array of the type of projects we are able to complete, from low number highly intensive trials to high volume multiple site trials. These projects can be designed for in house information or publishable papers.

We offer the following research services:

• Trial monitoring

   - QA/QC for multi-site studies

   - Document review

• Trial management
• Production data management

PBS Additional Services:

Professional beef services,llc 

  • Pilot - Proof of concept
  • FDA/ USDA Pivotal work
  • Field safety studies
  • Post-approval marketing
  • Multi-site producer collaborations
  • In-house vs. producer / collaborator

 Our trial experience includes:

• Trial design/protocol evaluation
• Disease challenge models
• Data collection, analysis, write-up, and reporting
• Statistical analyses

PBS Research

  • Real Time Location System